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Installation Tip: Smart Brush Selection To Reduce Solvent Evaporation

Solving the problem of Solvent evaporation

What is solvent evaporation 

Solvent cement and primers that experience prolonged exposure to air are prone to dry out/evaporate quicker than sealed units; reducing reusability & Increasing installation costs. 

What can we do about it 


Smart brush selection and corrected can opening/resealing can go along way to preserving your cans opened shelf life.

An Overview of Injection Valves: Quills vs Lances

Why Should You Use Injection Valves
For Chemical Feed Systems 

Injection valves are designed to ensure a chemical feed system injects directly into the centre of the process stream; ensuring efficient mixing and preventing corrosion along the inside of the process pipe.

Alternative methods such as a threaded tap, place unnecessary strain on the pipework joint;

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