4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Static Mixers

//4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Static Mixers

4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Static Mixers

Static Mixer Benefits

static mixer is a device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials, without moving components. 

Statiflo engineered units supplied by PAAS, offer an efficient, reliable and economical option for combining miscible and immiscible liquids, liquids with gases and gas blending. 



4 Cost-saving Benefits of using a Static Mixer 


1.Maintenance free:

Unlike a mechanical mixer, static mixers have no moving parts; reducing the maintenance downtime and removing spare part replacement costs. 


2.Mixing efficiency:

Statiflo static mixers are designed with a high level of mixing efficiency that could significantly reduce the consumptions of dosed chemicals; creating chemical supply cost-saving benefits. 


3.Sampling point location:

Inline sampling can be performed immediately after the mixer, as no straight pipe lengths upstream or downstream of the mixer are required. A closer sampling point allows any necessary adjustments to be made quickly, thereby minimising potential product waste and reducing chemical supply costs.

4. Engineered designs with performance curves

Statiflo static mixers are a highly-engineered solution; therefore, you can rely on the repeatability and performance to match your design needs. 


Statiflo mixers are installed in thousands of process plants worldwide, providing the highest standards of mixing efficiency, reliability and economy.  

With a wide range of materials and designs available, you can be sure a PAAS supplied Statiflo mixing option is available to meet your individual needs. 

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