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/Installation Assistance

Threaded Adaptors

Parallel vs tapered Threads

Parallel means the thread walls are straight; while tapered means the thread walls, if continued lengthwise, would eventually meet

Taper vs Parallel

threaded fittings overview

Mailout #23 Threads

The plastic fittings supplied by PAAS come with the following arrangement: 

Female threads –

Pipe Clips – Loose vs fixed

Two support Types: Loose and Fixed

Plastic pipe should be installed using supports designed for use with plastics and should then be installed taking care not to damage or overstress the pipe.

There are two commonly used supports: Fixed and Loose.

Firstly, lets look at pipe movement inside the brackets (depicted in the image below), followed by the design implications this has for plastic expansion.

30 Minute Cure time

Pressed for time? Need to get production back online?
Did you know that we carry a PVC & C-PVC Cement with the ability to cure and set in 30 minutes.

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