Threaded Adaptors

Parallel vs tapered Threads

Parallel means the thread walls are straight; while tapered means the thread walls, if continued lengthwise, would eventually meet

Taper vs Parallel

threaded fittings overview

Mailout #23 Threads

The plastic fittings supplied by PAAS come with the following arrangement: 

Female threads –

Pipe Clips – Loose vs fixed

Two support Types: Loose and Fixed

Plastic pipe should be installed using supports designed for use with plastics and should then be installed taking care not to damage or overstress the pipe.

There are two commonly used supports: Fixed and Loose.

Firstly, lets look at pipe movement inside the brackets (depicted in the image below), followed by the design implications this has for plastic expansion.

Installation Tip: Smart Brush Selection To Reduce Solvent Evaporation

Solving the problem of Solvent evaporation

What is solvent evaporation 

Solvent cement and primers that experience prolonged exposure to air are prone to dry out/evaporate quicker than sealed units; reducing reusability & Increasing installation costs. 

What can we do about it 


Smart brush selection and corrected can opening/resealing can go along way to preserving your cans opened shelf life.

An Overview of Injection Valves: Quills vs Lances

Why Should You Use Injection Valves
For Chemical Feed Systems 

Injection valves are designed to ensure a chemical feed system injects directly into the centre of the process stream; ensuring efficient mixing and preventing corrosion along the inside of the process pipe.

Alternative methods such as a threaded tap, place unnecessary strain on the pipework joint;

Static Mixer Benefits

4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Static Mixers

static mixer is a device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials, without moving components. 

Statiflo engineered units supplied by PAAS, offer an efficient, reliable and economical option for combining miscible and immiscible liquids, liquids with gases and gas blending. 



4 Cost-saving Benefits of using a Static Mixer 


1.Maintenance free:

Unlike a mechanical mixer,

When to use a glass calibration column

Calibration columns (also referred to as calibration cylinders) are an effective way of performing a volumetric calculation on a metering system. They are used to measure flow and help calibrate metering/dosing pumps.

A range of scales and increments are offered to suit your needs, from 30ml up to 20,000ml

At PAAS we offer both standard PVC bodied columns and a 

30 Minute Cure time

Pressed for time? Need to get production back online?
Did you know that we carry a PVC & C-PVC Cement with the ability to cure and set in 30 minutes.

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