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Installation Tip: Smart Brush Selection To Reduce Solvent Evaporation

Solving the problem of Solvent evaporation

What is solvent evaporation 

Solvent cement and primers that experience prolonged exposure to air are prone to dry out/evaporate quicker than sealed units; reducing reusability & Increasing installation costs. 

What can we do about it 


Smart brush selection and corrected can opening/resealing can go along way to preserving your cans opened shelf life. lets discuss in more detail both oprtions

1. Smart Brush Selection

Select a brush to seals the tin

During the cementing process, sealing the solvent tin between each joint reduces air exposure and evaporation of the solvent.

The simplest method of achieving this;  insert your swab or dauber back into the tin during the curing process. The IPS daubers and swab are designed to fit the tins forming an airtight seal, whereas a flat brush will not offer this functionality ( shown in the image below). 

Swab vs brush

Select the correct size applicator for your pipework

It is also important to select the correct IPS dauber or bush for your application as most joint failures are caused by the insufficient application of cement. 

The correct size will allow you to apply the solvent or primer in the most efficient method, not only reducing the exposure time of the solvent tin but allowing you to complete t the cement joint before the solvent begins to cure. remember the hotter the temperature the less time you have to complete the joint. this may be of critical importance on a hot day with 4″ and 6″ pipe where you may only have 30 seconds to complete the application. 

Dauber & swab options

Super Dauber

This is our essential tool kit pick. The super dauber has an adjustable stem providing versatility to use with both the 473 & 946 can sizes.

Available in two sizes

  • DN15 – DN32mm
  • DN40 – DN80mm

Super Swab

Perfect for pipe sizes 3” to 6″.

Suitable for 946 ml cans.

Replacement swabs available

View Product

Brush selecting Chart

That said, sometimes brush selection just comes down to personal preference, meaning flat and round brushes are acceptable – just remember to seal the tin when you are finished. 

View our easy selection chart

2. Correct Opening & resealing of solvent cans

Solvent tins that are opened and resealed correctly can have a potential usage time of up to 6 months. Conversely, deforming the lid with pliers will prevent you from resealing correctly; leading to dry out.  

Avoid this by using the Easy Twist Can Opener
Cement Opening


  • A flat-edge handle is used to open paint style solvent cans 
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • For use on all Weld-On solvent cement and primer cans
  • The serrated inner edge provides a solid grip: making opening and closing easy.
Product Code: 14350

Ready to learn more

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips improve the efficiency of your cementing process, whilst saving you on solvent installation costs. 

For more information on installations and product tips – please visit our youtube channel

PAAS is proud to distribute solvents from the USA Manufacturer, Weld-On

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