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PP-V Backing Rings

Reduce weight, avoid corrosion and maintain a PN16 rating in a backing ring.

PAAS has the solution:  PP-V Backing Flange
The PP-V backing flange from Georg Fischer is a corrosion free, all plastic flange, made of fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene (PP-H).
This flange was developed for conveying aggressive media, in applications where safety, reliability and longevity are of primary importance.



The PP-V backing flange has a patent pending V-shaped groove in the inner diameter. This groove ensures that force is distributed evenly on the flange adapter when mounting

so that the flange can‘t tilt. This plastic-oriented design prevents the piping components in a flange connection from creeping, as is often the case in connection with steel flanges.

The V-groove also maintains a longer lasting torque on the collar.

What this means for you is a better flange connection.

Light Weight

Use the hefty advantages of the PP-V backing flange to your benefit!

Thanks to its clever design, the V-flange only weighs a third of a regular flange (e.g. with steel core).

Transport costs can be cut in half. This saves you money and protects the environment as well (ISO14001)!

Application areas

The PP-V backing flange can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 80 °C. The temperature of the medium is restricted by the material of the plastic piping system, i.e. PVC-U, PVC-C,

ABS, PP-H or PE100. For systems which require steam sterilization (up to 135°C), for example PVDF, the ambient

temperature should not exceed 40 °C.

The PP-V backing flange is stabilised against ultra violet radiation for extended service life, especially when installed outdoors.

Resistance to corrosion

The innovative design in fiber glass reinforced polypropylene homopolymer

provides you with the reassurance of a very broad range of chemical resistance in your plastic piping system for aggressive media. The hydrolysis resistance – another advantage

of the V-flange– makes it possible for you to build this flange into applications for which the traditional polyester flange would be unsuitable.

Free of joining seams, the PP-V demonstrates very little internal stress. Therefore, the risk of stress cracking corrosion is much reduced.

You can depend on the V-flange in every situation!

For sizing and drilling patterns available please contact PAAS, 1300 747 464.

PAAS also offer a complete range of Backing Rings in Galvanised and Stainless Steel

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