PVC-U Non Return Valves

Cone Check


  • Replaces the ball check style valve with a cone, thus providing better flow through and CV values.
  • The most versatile check valve option


  • Not recommended directly after pumps where cavitation may occur.

Angle Seat Check

  • A weighted float at a 45-degree angle provides excellent flow through.
  • This is the best-suited non-return valve for installing close to pumps or where cavitation may occur.
  • Chemical build-up can occur above the float causing it to seize, regular flushing maintenance may be required.
  • Horizontal installation only

Wafer Check


  • Wafer check valves offer a small footprint, as it is installed between two flanges.
  • Best suited for larger pipe sizes i.e. greater than DN50 2”.


  • Reduced Bore
  • A spacer may be required to allow opening.
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