Withdrawable Injection Lance

///Withdrawable Injection Lance

Withdrawable Injection Lance


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Withdrawable Injection Lances

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To ensure that chemical feed systems inject into the centre of a process stream for better mixing and to prevent corrosion along the process pipe.


Retractable and offer a ball valve to seal the process stream for servicing (when the process cannot be drained).

The integral check valve prevents the process fluid from going back up the chemical line.


Limited seals and joints, this leak-free design is a sure fit for safety and long-life operation.

Robust construction ensures reliability in the rigorous service of municipal and industrial applications


Order guide seal selection: 

♦ 12mm unit comes with PTFE Lined seals

♦ All other sizes, please select (V) VITON or (E) EPDM at time of order

Inlet Connection Lance size Lance length Process


(4/6, 6/9, 6/12, 9/12) 12 mm 120 mm 1/2″ BSP-M 9570 9571
DN15 (1/2″) 1/2″ 400 mm 1″ BSP-M INJ005-010
DN20 (3/4″) 3/4″ 400 mm 1-1/4″ BSP-M INJ007-012
DN25 (1″) 1″ 400 mm 1-1/2″ BSP-M INJ010-015
DN32 (1-1/4″) 1-1/4″ 400 mm 2″ BSP-M INJ012-020


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