Non Ragging (NR) Pipe Mixer

Non Ragging (NR) Pipe Mixer


Non-Ragging (NR) Pipe Mixer 

A high-performance non-ragging static mixer for difficult sludge and wastewater applications specifically developed for flows with a high content of rags and/or highly fibrous material

• Free flow design gives excellent resistance to blocking and ragging

• High mixing performance with CoV < 0.05 and consistent mixture quality

• Low-pressure drop

• Easy to clean with an excellent free draining capability

• uPVC/Stainless steel construction

• Wide range of diameters available

• Custom designed for each application

• Injection nozzles easily incorporated

Typical applications:

• Sludge blending

• Sludge thickening

• Coagulant/Poly blending

• Ferric dosing for phosphorus removal

• Chemical dosing of raw sewage

• Products with fibres, e.g. Paperstock

download pdf Datasheet: PAAS-Static-mixer-questionaire.pdf

download pdf Datasheet: Statiflo-PAAS-Brochure-02.19.pdf

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