Statiflo Gas Dispersion Systems

Statiflo Gas Dispersion Systems


Statiflo Gas Dispersion Systems (GDS) are custom engineered and built to meet customer specific performance requirements.

The main components are:

• Main line mixer/contactor

• Sidestream equipment, including:

  • Pre-disperser static mixer
  • Gas eductor (if gas is at low pressure)
  • Centrifugal pump, operating at constant flow
  • Sample points, valves, instrumentation, interconnecting pipework and stand-by equipment, as required.

The sidestream gas/liquid dispersing equipment can be compactly side mounted directly on the contactor mixer or alternatively floor/skid mounted.

Typical applications for the Statiflo GDS include ozonation, aeration and carbonation

Key benefits include:

  • High mass transfer efficiency
  • Low capital cost
  • Low pressure drop
  • Gas bubbles generated independently of liquid velocity in contactor
  • Low energy consumption
  • High turndown capability
  • Compact design
  • No moving parts except for centrifugal pump
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Simple to operate — no special training required

download pdf Datasheet: GDS-Imperial-questionaire.pdf

download pdf Datasheet: Statiflo-PAAS-Brochure-02.19.pdf

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