WELD-ON 845 Repair Cement

WELD-ON 845 Repair Cement


WELD-ON 845 Repair Cement

845 Repair cement enables those small leaks and weeps to be eliminated allowing for the process to continue and planned maintenance to be possible.

845 be used for bonding Fiberglass, ABS, Acrylic, FRP (fibreglass-reinforced plastic), concrete and other materials to themselves or to dissimilar materials.

WELD-ON 845 is outstanding for joining very large sizes of plastic pipe and fittings with loose gaps. It also provides strong adhesion in peel, tensile or sheer applications.

Excellent for the fabrication of fittings, joining saddles to pipe, and repairing cracks or leaky pipe valves and fittings.




1 x Injection Gun, 2 x 43ml cartridges, 6 x Mixing Tips



Injection Gun (suit 43ml cartridge) IPS845-12471
845 Cartridge 43ml IPS845-43
Mixing Tip (43ml) IPS 845-14077

download pdf Datasheet: IPS-845-PAAS.pdf

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