Installation Tip: Smart Brush Selection To Reduce Solvent Evaporation

Solving the problem of Solvent evaporation What is solvent evaporation  Solvent cement and primers that experience prolonged exposure to air are prone to dry out/evaporate quicker than sealed units; reducing reusability & Increasing installation costs.  What can we do about it  Smart brush selection and corrected can opening/resealing can go along way to preserving your […]

An Overview of Injection Valves: Quills vs Lances

Why Should You Use Injection Valves For Chemical Feed Systems  Injection valves are designed to ensure a chemical feed system injects directly into the centre of the process stream; ensuring efficient mixing and preventing corrosion along the inside of the process pipe. Alternative methods such as a threaded tap, place unnecessary strain on the pipework […]

4 Cost-Saving Benefits of Static Mixers

Static Mixer Benefits

A static mixer is a device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials, without moving components.  Statiflo engineered units supplied by PAAS, offer an efficient, reliable and economical option for combining miscible and immiscible liquids, liquids with gases and gas blending.      4 Cost-saving Benefits of using a Static Mixer    1.Maintenance free: Unlike a mechanical mixer, static […]

When to use a glass calibration column

Calibration columns (also referred to as calibration cylinders) are an effective way of performing a volumetric calculation on a metering system. They are used to measure flow and help calibrate metering/dosing pumps.

Repair Cement 845

Do you have problems with leaking pipes and fittings? We have the solution…. 845 Repair cement

Customised Valve Labels

Are you having trouble identifying your valves?
We have the solution: Customised, print yourself valve labels

PP-V Backing Rings

Reduce weight, avoid corrosion and maintain a PN16 rating in a backing ring.

Powered Up – New Electric Actuators

Powered Up! PAAS is proud to introduce the newest series of electric actuators from GF Piping Systems  The EA15-250 Range Tagged by +GF+ as ‘Small & Light’ . These powerful actuators provide the highest reliability and ease of use. With smart addition functions of a colour  LED Feedback, built in limit switches, easy setup and […]

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