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Tanks play a vital role in the water treatment process through storage, transport and distribution of media. Therefore, it is important that the tank itself is up to specification, but the ancillary products are delivering optimal levels of performance.  

Whilst we do not sell tanks, we can offer a wide range of premium products to enhance the performance, reliability and safety of your tank installation and operation.  

We have grouped these products into three categories to assist in explaining their function and benefits: 

1. Aeration: 

Products designed to prevent cavitation and allow air release such as shepherd hooks and vent valves 

2. Fluid Transfer: 

Products that come into contact with the media and allow for transfer and distribution such as tank adaptors, valves and pipework

3. Measurement: 

Instrumentation for level measurement

Products - Aeration




Air need to be expelled to avoid cavitation. Proper venting alleviates pressure or vacuum from developing as the tank is filled or emptied. 

Vent Valves

With ventilation and bleed valves, gas in tanks can be removed, or alternatively, they can be aerated to prevent a vacuum automatically and without the use of external energy. 

Specific valves are available for exhausting air which enters the pipes and tanks during filling and for admitting air during the emptying process. 

Shepards hook


  • PE material 
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Stainless steel mesh: prevents vermin

Products: Measurement

Common measurements required are tank levels 


Product: level detection 

Signet 2260/2270 Ultrasonic Level Temperature Sensor

The type 2260/2270 is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement transmitter, having transducer and processing electronics and a display/programming unit incorporated in one single housing.

Products: fluid transfer

Pipe, fittings and valves 

Product: Tank Adaptor

Material: Available in PVC-U and PP-H


  • EPDM and FPM seal options
  • Easy installation 
  • Union connection 

Product: Control Valves


  • Wide variety – Ball , Butterfly
  • Actuated options available
  • All materials 

Product: Ir Extended stubs

Material: PE & PP-H 

Advantages of extended length: 

  • Easier installation of flange rings
  • Stubs can be welded into thick wall tanks
  • Support gussets can be added to stubs

But wait theres more......

The products shown are just a brief overview on how we can compliment your tank installation. Please feel free to contact us for a deeper insight into our full capabilities and how we can customise a package just for you. 

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