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Three-way valves: in, out and roundabout!

3-Way Ball Valves: Overview

3 ways are better than two..

A 3-way ball valve is typically used for mixing and diverting. 

It has three ports from which flow can be directed, allowing fluid an alternate path of travel, either when exiting or entering the valve. 

Three-way valves are an installers dream, they offer a save-spacing advantage, compared to the fitting of two 2-way ball valves. Additionally, they can be installed in any orientation direction, allowing greater flexibility of design. 

Size range:  DN15 to DN100
Materials: PVC-U, C-PVC, ABS, PP, PVDF
Actuation: Pneumatic and Electric Options


  • Chemical process industry 
  • Seawater desalinization systems
  • Life science industry 
  • Microelectronics
  • Measurement and control
  • Water treatment
  • Diverting function in shipbuilding


  • Ideal diverting and mixing fitting 
  • Ball with L-port / T-port 
  • Dimension range DN10 – DN100 
  • 90° end stop standard, 
  • 180° end stop on request 
  • Tool integrated into lever 
  • Very good flow properties 
  • Long service life 
  • Automation with electrical or pneumatic actuator possible
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Configuration: L vs T port

3-way valves have two configurations available, L or T port,  their name simply refers to the internal ball layout:

  • L-port
  • T-port

The image below shows the functions of both an L and T option. You can also download a PDF copy here

  • Diverting
  • Mixing
  • Distributing
  • Shutting off

Learn More - What is a turn limiter

What is a turn limiter? 

A  90° stop, also called a turn limiter, allows the lever to be set in defined positions of 90°, thus preventing the valve from being opened further to a position that is not applicable.

The 90° stop can be placed in four positions as a clip-on ring

  • The specially designed housing of the ball valve enables placing it in diverse positions by means of a clip-on ring.
  • The handle stop is made of robust PPGF and can be used for all materials. It is covered by the handle and therefore not visible from the outside.
  • 180° end stop is available on request

Actuation Options

Electric Actuation

  • Rotation angle up to 355°;
  • Preset to 0°-90°
  • Up to three freely selectable stop positions (open/middle/close)

Pneumatic Actuation

Available preloaded spring packages:

  • Fail-Safe Close
  • Double Acting

Looking for more information 

Thank you for reading, if you are interested in obtaining a data sheet and/or pricing on the 3 way valves, please contact our sales team:

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